UNTOT - United Nations Training Of Trainers

Description: El Curso de Formador de Formadores (UNTOT), es una capacitación que se realiza en modalidad presencial con una duración de 03 semanas, inicia el 30-ENE-023 y finaliza el 17-FEB-023

Language: Classes in Spanish / Bibliographic material in spanish

Duration: 3 weeks

Addressed to: Officers in the rank of Lieutenant (OF-1) to Lieutenant Colonel (OF-4) and its equivalent in each of the forces and non commissioned officers in the rank of Corporal 2nd Class (OR-3) to Warrant Officer (OR-8) or its equivalent in each force, encouraging the participation of the Female gender.
Only Ecuadorian students

Competence acquired at the end of the course: The “Training of Trainers” course graduated, will be able to serve as a instructor at UEMPE, applying the standardized methodology BOPPS and VARK of the United Nations, as well as in the Schools of International Peace Operations, maintaining high the image of the country and the armed forces to which they belong.