UNPOL - United Nations Police Course

Description: El Curso de Policía de Naciones Unidas (UNPOL), es una capacitación que comprende clases didácticas y prácticas, capacita y especializa al personal de la Policía Nacional que se desplegarán en las misiones de la ONU en cualquier parte del mundo, inicia el 06-MAR-023 y finaliza el 28-ABR-023.

Objective: The Course is designed to serve as a Police Component (FPU) in UN Peacekeeping Missions, in the context of multidimensional peacekeeping operations. This course trains individual competencies, based in their physical, intellectual, psychological and moral capacities necessary to react appropriately in an intercultural and potentially hostile operational context, reinforcing the rule of law and supporting the security sector reform of host states in line with international human rights law.

Modality: Alumnos nacionales y extranjeros modalidad presencial.

Language: Classes and bibliographic material in Spanish.

Duration: 08 weeks

Addressed to: Police officers in the rank of 2nd Lieutenant (OF-1) to Major (OF-3) and non commissioned officers in the rank of Police (OR-2) to Warrant Officer (OR-6) or his equivalent in each police force encouraging the participation of the female gender.

International Seats Available: 01 Officer and 01 NCO.

Competence acquired at the end of the course: The United Nations Police Course (UNPOL) graduated, will be able to participate in Peacekeeping Operations within the framework of the United Nations, fulfilling the different activities inherent to these missions and assigned to them to the Police component.