UNTAC - United Nations Tactical Course

Description: El Curso Táctico de Naciones Unidas (UNTAC) es una capacitación que comprende clases didácticas y prácticas, capacita y especializa al personal de las Fuerzas Armadas que se desplegarán en las misiones de la ONU en cualquier parte del mundo, inicia el 08-MAY-023 y finaliza el 30-ABR-023.

Modality: Alumnos nacionales y extranjeros modalidad presencial.

Language: Classes and bibliographic material in Spanish.

Duration: 07 weeks.

Addressed to: Officers in the rank of Second Lieutenant (OF-1) to Major (OF-3) and its equivalent in each of the forces and non commissioned officers in the rank of Corporal 2nd Class (OR-3) to Warrant Officer (OR-6) or its equivalent in each force, encouraging the participation of the female gender.

International Seats Available: 01 Officer and 01 NCO.

Competence acquired at the end of the course: The United Nations Tactical Course (UNTAC) graduated, will be able to participate in Peace Operations within the UN framework, fulfilling the different activities inherent to these missions and assigned to them. Officers and non commissioned officers will command at their level and integrate a contingent as a peacekeeping protection force within a United Nations Peacekeeping Operation and in each case maintaining high the image of the armed forces and the country.