UNSOC - United Nations Staff Officer Course

Description: El Curso de Estado Mayor de Operaciones de Paz (UNSOC), es un curso de especialización, inicia el 10-OCT-023 y finaliza el 31-OCT-023.

Modality: Alumnos nacionales y extranjeros presencial.

Language: Classes and bibliographic material in English

Duration: 3 weeks.

Addressed to: Officers of the Armed Forces of Ecuador and abroad; in the rank of Captain (OF-2) to Lieutenant Colonel (OF-4) or their equivalents in each force, respectively, encouraging the participation of the female gender. Designated Officers must possess an adequate command of the English language minimum of PET 75% in such a way that it is possible for them to communicate, plan and present situations, prepare assessments, operational orders, fragmentary orders, planning and construction of the risk matrix and courses of action for Peacekeeping Operations, conducting meetings and preparing documents in the mentioned language.

International Seats Available: 01 Officer.

Competency acquired at the end of the course: The United Nations Staff Officer Course or (UNSOC) graduated, will be in a position to serve as members of a Staff in the Headquarters in the field of Peacekeeping and / or Stabilization Operations or humanitarian assistance, as part of a mission within or outside the United Nations framework, where the country and the UN agree and require it; maintaining high the image of the armed forces and the country.