UEMPE’S Director Greeting

Teniente Coronel de Estado Mayor Alex Vinicio Zambrano Andachi, Director de la Unidad Escuela de Misiones de Paz “Ecuador”

Ecuador, as a member of the United Nations has contributed and participated actively and efficiently in recent years in many peacekeeping missions promoting peace around the world. Ecuadorian soldier’s professionalism is reflected in their physical, mental and emotional preparation; characteristic of our military elements that undoubtedly had demonstrated an outstanding performance in every missions where Ecuadorian peacekeepers had been deployed.

The Peacekeeping Operations carried out in several corners of the globe, have contributed to the creation of conditions to the peaceful settlement of controversies and disputes between the warring parties, thanks to the vigilance and respect of the agreements between the opposing parties, obtaining the primary goal: to save millions of lives.

Under this background, on November 10th, 2003 sees the light the Ecuadorian Peacekeeping Operations Unit & School; since its founding this institute has been the representative of our country as the promoter entity peace and coordinator of the participation of Ecuador in Peacekeeping operations.

Currently, Ecuadorian Peacekeeping Operations Unit & School makes its academic offerings, emphasizing courses: UNSOC (United Nations Staff Officers Course), UNMOC (United Nations Military Observer Course), UNTAC (United Nations Tactical Course), UNPOL (United Nations Police Course), UNTOT (United Nations Training of Trainers) and TEC-PKO (Technical English Course on Peacekeeping Operations).

UEMPE as an active member of the Latin American Association of Training Centers Peacekeeping Operations (ALCOPAZ), permanently directs its efforts in updating knowledge through the academic exchange of instructors and students seeking an unified doctrine under the Integrated Training Support (ITS) supervision.

Every day, the Ecuadorian Peacekeeping Operations School & Unit, asks for new contributions that had opened a training proposal more attractive for all those who harbor the fervent desire to be part of UN Blue Helmets, who with their hard work have managed to strengthen and transcend the slogan “a soldier is a catalyst for peace, not an instrument of war”.


Alex Vinicio Zambrano Andachi

Lt. Col.