Description: El Curso de Coordinación Civil-Militar y Ayuda Humanitaria (UNCIMIC), es una capacitación que comprende clases didácticas y prácticas, capacita y especializa al personal de las Fuerzas Armadas, Policía Nacional e instituciones, inicia el 13-NOV-023 y finaliza el 01-DIC-023.

Modality: National students face to face, foreign students online.

Language: Classes and bibliographic material in English

Duration: 3 weeks

Addressed to: Personnel of officers in the rank of Captain (OF-2) to Colonel (OF-4) and its equivalent in each of the forces and troop personnel in the rank of First Corporal (OR-3) to Second Warrant Officer (OR-8) or its equivalent in each force, encouraging the participation of the female gender.

International Seats Available: 01 Officer and 01 NCO.

Competence acquired at the end of the course: At the end of the United Nations Civil-Military Coordination and Humanitarian Aid Course, you will have the necessary knowledge to coordinate and learn about the forms of support provided by governmental and non-governmental entities to the UN.