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Description: The United Nations Military Observer Course (UNMOC), certified by the United Nations, it’s a present mode training that includes didactic and practical classes, that specializes the Officers of the Armed Forces, who will be deployed in UN missions in any part of the world, within the framework of a multidimensional peacekeeping force, either as Military Observer (UNMO), Military Liason Officer (MLO) or UN Military Adviser (Military Advisor or MILAD). The course lasts for 05 weeks and starts on JUN 29-020 and ends on JUL 31-020.

Language: Classes and bibliographic material in English.

Duration: 5 weeks

Addressed to: Officers of the Armed Forces in the rank of Captain (OF-2) to Lieutenant Colonel (OF-4), nationals and foreigners, designated by the respective institutions or their equivalent in each force, encouraging the participation of the female gender. Designated Officers must possess an adequate command of the English language minimum of 3-3-2-3 ENG (NATO / STANAG 6001) / PET 75% so that it is possible for them to communicate, present situations, conduct meetings and prepare documents in mentioned language.

International Seats Available: 04 Officers.

Competence acquired at the end of the course: The “United Nations Military Observer Course” (UNMOC) graduated, will achieve the competence to serve as Military Advisor (MILAD), Military Observer (UNMO) or Liaison Officer (MLO) in an Operation of Peace (OP) as part of a Team Site or for the development of Humanitarian Assistance Operations based on the United Nations framework.

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