2020-03-13 22:07:45

Description: The Technical English Course on Peacekeeping Operations (TEC-PKO), is a present mode training with a duration of 03 weeks that starts on 09-NOV-020 and ends on 29-NOV-020.

Language: Classes in English / Bibliographic material in English

Duration: 3 weeks

Addressed to: Officers in the rank of Second Lieutenant (OF-1) to Lieutenant Colonel (OF-4) and its equivalent in each of the forces and non commissioned officers in the rank of Corporal 2nd Class OR-3) to Warrant Officer (OR-8) or its equivalent in each force, encouraging the participation of the Female gender.

International Seats Available: 02 Officers and 02 NCO’S.

Competence acquired at the end of the course: The “Technical English Course on Peacekeeping Operations” graduated, will be able to perform as members of a peacekeeping operation with knowledge of technical English, in the different units of the Joint Command; as well as in the International Peacekeeping Schools, PKO, maintaining high the image of the country and the armed forces to which they belong.

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